Sleepaway dance Camp

summer camp for girls ages 10-16

5-nights for only $880+hst

multiple daily dance classes

daily activities

grand finale showcase

breakfast, lunch & dinner

homemade food

dance parties, movies, karaoke night

40 minutes from Ottawa

July 21-26, 2024

SCHOOL OF MODERN DANCE welcomes students back in classes for both locations!

Kanata Studio from February 16th / NCAC from February 22
At SMD Sleepaway Summer Camp we believe the magic of the camp experience starts with a shared community, helping campers develop new skills and build self-esteem - all while enjoying the wonders of nature - a truly incredible Summer Vacation!
We believe that our Camp can be a refuge from the incessant buzz of technology - a safe place where kids can be kids, play fun games, dance, develop creativity, personal growth and make unforgettable memories.
The camp is only 40 minutes from downtown Ottawa, with camp grounds located on a beautiful lake Newcombe and surrounded by serene nature.
We have 2 large well-ventilated (heated, if needed) sleeping cabins, indoor flush toilets and showers, large kitchen and gathering areas, dance studio/ party room, stage, beach, volleyball court and more.
Our cook will be making delicious and healthy meals for everyone: breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks daily. SMD team will not only teach multiple dance styles, but will also focus on communication, community bonding,  and fun. Every evening we will host an event to summarize the day and create spectacular memories- from bonfire under the stars to dance parties.





School Of Modern Dance

This will be more than just a regular vacation- it's all about the moments- the ones that make up the memories of your life. It can be big, like sleeping away from home for the first time and it's the little moments too, like two friends sitting on the dock and discussing their day or it's a shy child that just went out of her comfort zone and made that step which brought her confidence. It's these moments that make your children into the adults they're on their way to becoming and we will do our best to help them grow happy, smart, creative and healthy.

8:00 AM - Wake-up bell: get ready for an action-packed day!
8:30 AM - Stretching / Yoga: Stretch, breathe in the fresh morning air, and take a moment to appreciate the beauty of our surroundings.
9:00 AM - Breakfast (ex: cheese omelettes, french toast, berries, yoghurt)
9:45 AM - Cabin Cleanup: Campers and staff head back to their cabins for clean up. Together they make their beds, clean their shelves, take out the recycling and tidy the cabin.
10:15 AM - Dance Class: Learn new moves and choreography with one of our dance teachers.
11:15 AM - Beach Time: Swim in a beautiful lake, get some tan or play beach volleyball.
12:15 PM - Wash up; table setting: Get ready for an exciting lunch with your friends.
12:30 PM - Lunch (ex: soup, grilled chicken and vegetables sandwich, beverage and dessert).
1:30 PM - Rest hour: Take a power nap, listen to music, read a book and take a break from the excitement of the day.
2:30 PM - Activity time (ex: painting or cooking lesson).
3:30 PMDance Class: Learn new moves and choreography with one of our dance teachers.
4:30 PM - Snack time (ex: smoothies)
5:00 PMBeach Time: Swim in a beautiful lake, get some tan or play beach volleyball.
6:00 PM - Wash up and table setting: Take a few minutes to wash your hands before dinner and cool down after an energetic afternoon. Get your tables ready for dinner.
6:30 PM - Dinner (ex. pasta and salad)
7:30 PM - Free Time: play games with your friends or learn something interesting from our teachers.
8:30 PM - Evening Program: everyone comes together to participate in a section evening program- great way to end the day and see all your friends. Ex: glow dance zumba party or sing along by the bonfire.
9:30 PM - Optional healthy snack.
10:00 PM - Cabin Circle and Bedtime: Campers sit with cabinmates and share about their day and lights out
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Camp Directions

Camp Directions

School Of Modern Dance

Camp Directions

Camp Directions

School Of Modern Dance


Contact Info

Information: 613-606-3620

While at the camp: 819-457-9765